Pre-Paid SIM cards

Pre-Paid SIM cards

The first new generation of telecommunications Prepaid SIM card, with the unique prefix 099999, has been offered by SamanTel.
Postpaid SIM card

Postpaid SIM card

The first new generation of telecommunications Prepaid SIM card, with the unique prefix 099998, has been offered by SamanTel.
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Pleasant time
Watching a fascinating movie or listening to a pleasant piece of music makes your spare time more pleasant. SamanTel subscribers
NFC SIM card
Near field communication (NFC) technology lets smartphones and other enabled devices communicate with other devices containing a NFC tag. This is
If somebody call the subscriber, who has activated the service, the caller will hear a pleasant music instead of a
News stand
You can get full access to all of the world’s popular newspapers and magazines just by a click. One of
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Travel means to achieve better understanding and gain experience with creating memorable moments and pure. In today’s competitive world, the availability and availability of quick and easy use of subscribers of communication services at any time and place has a special place; hence, Samantel has been striving to provide a greater sense of comfort and convenience for its subscribers through its international roaming service. Provides with the Samantel roaming service anywhere in the world, stay away from your home and family and travel safely. LTE International Roaming Service is a service through which Samantel subscribers can first use the fourth generation of services (in addition to the second and third generation services) on the network of contract operators in 42 countries and will soon be able to use the This service will be provided.

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