Samantl and Saman insurance offers great package named “Hello”.
The “Hello” plan is presented for the first time in Iran, in order to provide a variety of services and customer satisfaction, and to use the potential of the Saman Financial Group, which includes two packages:

Title 1 2
Sim card Prepaid Postpaid
Voice – on net – call- min 9999 0
Voice  off net – call- min 999 0
SMS  on net 9999 0
Traffic on Internet-GB 19 99
Healthcare insurance 1 Year 1 Year
Toman 295,000 T 400,000 T


• Plan is active to all subscriber automatically who have purchased this package.
• It is possible to purchase and activate other packages at the same time.
• It’s always priority to use with a package that has an expiration time closer to other active packets.
• Volume or expiration time of the package you will be notified via SMS.
• General insurance claim payment is done by two ways: direct and indirect.
Direct: Referring to the contracting centers (supporting the treatment of damages)
Indirect: Referring to Medical Centers a Party of Agreement without Saman Insurance


  • Guideline for get health care


  • Referring to the Medical Centers Contracting Party
  • Recognition of Medical Centers Contracting Party to Agreement Saman insurance and Darmanet
  • Recognition the type of health care required
  • Review the obligations contained in the insurance policy

Documents Needed for Issuance of Letter of Introduction

  • Paper about treatment
  • Bill of payment with the data
  • Copy of physician’s prescription

Required Documents To Receive:

  • Health insurance certificate or supplementary treatment card
  • Patient identification card
  • Doctor’s certificate based on the type of medical care required and signed by a physician

How to get a letter of introduction

  • Sending the required documents for the issuance via e-mail and fax (09366393990) Viber and WhatsApp, which after the examination of the completeness of the documents and the possibility of issuing a reference, the application is sent and sent to the insured.
  • Referring to contracting hospitals documents, accepting a treatment center, and publishing a reference.


Indirect method

  • Pay the entire health insurance by the insured person
  • Sending document to the Darmant or Saman insurance
  • Sending documents for compensation treatment


Guideline for Compensation of Medical Insurance

  • Referring to Darmanet website for a letter of introduction.
  • Receiving online introducing letter of Darmanet website
  • Referring of the insured persons in Tehran to the place of the healthcare company and the insured cities to the nearest insurance companies of Saman with the original claim and health insurance certificate or supplementary health insurance card and valid ID card
  • Sending your company to Mulla Sadra Street, South Shiraz, Tehran.
  • For information on contract centers visit,

You can use each one of below methods significantly reduce your internet costs:

  • Samantle website
  • Internet account management
  • # 724 *

Essay access

To purchase and activate of each package, you can use one of the below methods:

  • Code # 9 * 1 * 5 * (consume data  traffic of the packages)
  • Code # 9 * 1 * 1 * (Remaining Rial of the SIM Card)